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Welcome to our real weddings feature! Our amazing Lincolnshire couples do an incredible job of creating the most magical weddings which take months of planning and turning dreams into reality. We hope this behind-the-scenes look into the planning process helps you become inspired to find your perfect wedding suppliers.

Real Weddings


written by our Lincs Weddings real bride Ashleigh


We met online 6 and a half years ago after Ashleigh came across a video of Harry playing “RU Mine” by arctic monkeys on Instagram. She followed his page after realising they had very similar taste in music. Ashleigh watched Harry’s videos for 2 years before finally plucking up the courage to comment on a post. Finally, she did and after a few back-and-forths in the comment sections, Harry decided to make his move and “slide into the DMs” and so it started. During the first few weeks of talking, the revelation that there were 250 odd miles from Ashleigh’s door to Harry’s, the 17 and 18-year-old pair had to decide if a long-distance relationship was worth the commitment. The connection was undeniable, Ashleigh booked a train to visit Harry a month later and the rest all just fell into place.

Ashleigh and Harry decided that although weekends away across the UK had been fun, it was time to make a move to be closer together. 6 months into their relationship, in a bar in Brighton on Ashleigh’s 18th birthday, they decided it was time to take the next step and move in together. Almost a year to the day later, that’s exactly what they did. They have spent the past 5 years growing and learning together while building amazing relationships with those they hold dear.

All the time and distance was worth it when nearly 2 years ago Harry got down on one knee, on a winter’s evening just before Ashleigh’s birthday and surprised her by asking her to be his wife. She, of course, said yes, leading them to the best day of their lives on the 29th of October 2022.


If styling is important to you then absolutely make a design brief, not just for your stylists and florist but also to give your photographer and videographer a vibe for the day. Make sure you have it in mind when looking at venues and considering suits and dresses. It’ll help steer your vision.

Make sure you surround yourself with those who support you the most and are your biggest cheerleaders. They will help you through, big you up and will go above and beyond to help make sure your most special day is as perfect as you deserve it to be!

Overall, just enjoy the day for what it is and look at your partner often. There’s nothing quite like the newlywed bubble. You feel invisible. There are no insecurities, just you and them. The day feels so pure and as though nothing else matters.

Take in every second! Make time to absorb it. Stop and look around to acknowledge that this is a room full of people who are here to celebrate you and your partner tying the knot and entering into your next chapter. 


We love dark and moody, we love admiring the outdoors and we adore baroque styling and architecture. It was so important to us that our wedding not only felt personal but also had a sense of uniqueness and encompassed the things we felt represented us while still remaining stylish and beautiful. This inspired our design brief which was given to our styling suppliers to help everyone visualise our vision. 

Real Weddings


Our suppliers absolutely nailed the spec we had given them. They all blended together so seamlessly despite not all of them having worked together before. Each of them did everything possible to meet our desires and needs and the day couldn’t have been the same without them.

Lincs Weddings would like to give special thanks to Esther Louise Triffitt Photography for allowing Ashleigh to share these incredible images of her wedding day with us!

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