Hitting Milestones

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I have never celebrated hitting milestones with my business before and looking back there’s been so many. From earning my first £10 to developing my own website and seeing the most incredible bunch of suppliers work together on projects all because of an idea.


Hitting 4,000 followers on Instagram is a massive achievement. However, this milestone represents so much more for me. Not many of you will realise that this website was once a blog from a frustrated bride who couldn’t find her perfect wedding suppliers who fitted her style and budget. This was a place where I dabbled in my creative writing and got lost in creating geeky templates which my younger A-Level Art and IT student self, would have been proud of. Doing something which gave me joy and I absolutely revelled in, created what you see today. No longer a frustrated bride but a business owner providing other couples with a resource that I never had.

When Holly Bryan Photography threatened me with a branded shoot to celebrate my business I initially felt uncomfortable. My business didn’t feel about me anymore. I certainly didn’t get here all by myself! Every supplier who has joined our directory has helped mould it into what it is today. There’s nothing more motivating than a group of businesses spurring you on to achieve something incredible!

Personally, my business has helped me through some unimaginable lows these last 2 years. When I’ve been petrified of my next scan or consultation, my business has been a constant, reliable friend. It’s allowed me to escape into a creative hole and completely forget about what life was throwing my way. It’s not very often I talk about myself, especially my health but I feel battling a rare type of cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei makes any milestone one I should be celebrating! I will soon be undergoing my third surgery in less than 13 months, this will hopefully give me a better quality of life that myself and my family have been praying for. 

My biggest achievement in business to date is showing my 6-year-old daughter that it doesn’t matter what obstacles are put in our way. If you do something you love, something that you are passionate about, you can still hit milestones. I hope in my career and personal life I’ve proved that an adapted life, is still a life worth living.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me on this amazing journey.

Written by Lisa Templeman