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Welcome to our Ethically Conscious Bridal Shoot called A Wildflower. Wildflowers grow and thrive in the most unexpected places. Their natural beauty is unmistaken, unruled and free. Just like our Bridal Shoot.

The idea for our photoshoot began almost 2 years ago. Inspired by our wedding suppliers who began to challenge the norm and offer more eco-friendly alternatives. In turn, we wanted to challenge ourselves by creating a bridal shoot with items that were ethically sourced or that we already owned in our homes that could be upcycled, along with borrowed items that could be repurposed or resold. Leaving no waste behind us.


An ethically conscious Bridal Shoot

Lincolnshire Weddings teamed up with Gemma Blake Studio to create an unapologetic vibrant space to contrast the untouched historic features of Stockwith Mill. Gemma firstly came onboard as our model but her flair for Interior Design was to become invaluable to our shoot.


I approached styling Stockwith Mill in the same way that I would my interior design projects. The styling of a wedding should be about the couple but it also needs to work in harmony with the building and play to its natural beauty. When I ‘met’ Stockwith Mill I was blown away by its natural charm and rawness. I wanted to highlight this in a fresh modern way which also felt very loved and full of personality.

To make sure everything worked seamlessly, I pulled together a Gemma Blake Studio special; a mood board that helped set the tone, lighting and textures. One of my main pillars when interior designing is lighting. I wanted this to be incredibly romantic, whimsical and intimate. Therefore, I used lots of candles and subtle lighting. I purposefully kept away from a traditional palette by introducing a pop of neon to keep it fresh, whilst also cleverly playing with more muted tones and different textures to give it softness with lots of grace

I am OBSESSED with the little details; which some people may think ‘Nah, no one is bothered’; when actually it really IS what subconsciously makes you love some ‘looks’ more than others. For example, one of my favourite bits was subtly getting a scalloped edge on the brown paper runner which matched my beloved Matilda Goad napkins.

I am IN LOVE with the whole look and I hope you adore it as much as I do. I am really passionate about all the design I do, and fully immerse myself in every project. I often end up wanting to change my own rooms because of the designs I create for my lovely clients. So here’s hoping I’ll renew my own vows soon, just so I can pull off something like this too!


Hi, I’m Holly from Holly Bryan Photography. I jumped at the chance to get involved with an eco-friendly bridal shoot. As a lover of nature, I was thrilled at the idea of being able to prove that eco-friendly weddings don’t need to compromise on aesthetics. Two years in the making due to covid restrictions and then a crazy wedding season, we finally did it; and I couldn’t be prouder of what we achieved as a team.


We love what we do at Bridal Reloved Caistor. We have a strong eco and sustainability ethos that runs through everything we do, and our brides love it too.  The Louisa Jackson Bridal dress we used in this beautiful shoot is from our Terra Bridal range of more sustainable wedding dresses, especially for our curvy brides and available in sizes 16-32.  


In March this year, we bought Stockwith Mill and moved with our 1 year old son and Mollie the collie. We wanted a new life and business opportunity in the country and searched all over the UK for the ideal property. As we drove over the bridge and onto the grounds, the sound of the flowing water along with the wheel and its stunning surroundings took our breath away and sealed the deal.

From next Spring, Stockwith Mill will offer space for bespoke waterside weddings and celebrations. The renovated beamed stables will offer space for up to 40 people. The adjacent secluded 5 acre ‘Millers Field’ with outstanding views of the Lincolnshire Wolds, can accommodate a Stretched Tent, Marquee or Teepee for larger outdoor weddings.

Future plans include reinstating the Millwheel, installing eco-accommodation around the 4 large chalk stream ponds and building a barn to house future weddings. Starting in Autumn 2022, we will be working alongside the AONB (Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty), the Forestry Commission and Till Hill to plant 10,000 trees. This will create a wonderful new woodland that will be available for walks and photographs.

This is a new chapter in the history of Stockwith Mill – a building dating back to the Domesday Book and set in the most wonderful surroundings


If we can make small changes one step at a time, The Enchanted Garden believe we can make a difference.  Traditionally, the flower market hasn’t shown the best example in providing ethical and eco products.  And it’s a big market so changes will come slowly.  Around 3 years ago, I ditched the cellophane and Sellotape from my gift packaging, replacing it with papers, brown paper tape and reusable glass vases and jars.  Wherever possible, I try to buy UK foliage and flowers and supplement my designs during the warmer months with cut flowers grown from seed in my own little cutting patches. Hopefully, by supporting the UK growers, more avenues will open for ‘grown not flown’ flowers.  But it’s not just the environment we need to consider.  All growers from around the world should be treated with fairness and equality.  So fair trade flowers will always get my utmost support.  

I wanted the florals to reflect the warm, rustic tones we all know and love in Autumn, combining them with a hot pop of colour.  A wide range of foliages was used for the floral displays.  Some were UK grown foliages, others were cut from my own garden to bring those deep, warm hues you just cannot buy.  These were combined with the last of the dahlia and cosmos from my cutting patch, alongside gorgeous berries and beautiful fair trade roses to bring it to life.  The bouquet was tied off with a vegan bamboo silk ribbon.  It feels, looks and moves exactly like traditional silk but without cruelty.  What’s not to love!  All of the table designs were created in reusable glass vases, over floral foam to give a timeless and versatile display that suits any space big or small.


Being more sustainable is at the forefront of all our minds. To live consciously and make important changes is a process that Raspberry Rose Designs has been putting into place for a while now. Despite being made of paper, lots of wedding invitations are not recyclable due to the added embellishments such as glitter and foils. Your invitations can still be everything you dreamed them to be, but by being mindful of the materials you use, can make the difference between a four-page wedding invitation that is unrecyclable to one which is recyclable. Collaborating with local suppliers to bring an eco-conscious shoot has been incredibly empowering and enlightening to see that all aspects of your wedding can involve conscious decision making while still creating the most magical experience.

For the shoot, I created a range of invitations, on the day stationery and accessories. These were all made using recycled or handmade papers. Most of the paper and cards I now use are recycled or made from sustainable, responsibly sourced organic materials. As more and more variety of cards become available, I will move into all my cardstock being sourced and made this way.

Handmade papers are crafted from recycled or reused raw materials and are something I have loved to make and work with for many years. This paper is more environmentally friendly as no trees are cut down or harmful chemicals are used during manufacturing. As well as all of this, these handmade papers give a beautifully rustic and tactile finish, with each invitation or piece being truly unique.


Hello, I’m Chris Grimley from Fusion Hair Co. Our aim is to make you look and feel your best version of yourself for your very special day in a calm friendly fun relaxed way! I created this beautiful bridal hairstyle based on an undone look by keeping it very soft and casual. I used a natural hair accessory made from foliage picked from the land. The look was created using a series of knots with a super soft edge. 


Welcome to The Chocolat Story! Our chocolates are all handcrafted from bean. We create dairy and vegan friendly chocolates which are made for wedding favours, chocolate boards and chocolate deserts. Couples are given a one to one consultation to make sure we capture their dreams and explore the colours to match their theme. We invite you to experience tasting our different flavours to find that perfect chocolate. We’ll take your guests on a tasting adventure and there’s no better way of saying thank you, than with chocolates!


At Cuckoo’s Beauty natural and ethical beauty is everything to us. That’s why we chose PHB Ethical Beauty as our makeup and skincare brand of choice. The range consists of beautifully packaged high quality products, with excellent lasting power. These mineral based products give a natural dewy glow, whilst nourishing and protecting the skin. The new eco range boasts 100% recyclable packaging with eco friendly inks. All whilst being entirely vegan friendly, cruelty free and paraben free. A beautiful choice for anyone looking for the perfect skincare or makeup range.

Special thanks to Kristi and Simon from Stockwith Mill who welcomed us into their home. This shoot was made extra special by Neon Candles UK, Rohemia and Allenby Stevensons Ltd who allowed us to borrow items that will then be repurposed or sold. Our on the day catering was provided by Grazing Platters who created a delicious vegan platter.

Written by Lisa Templeman