Welcome to our Wedding Marquees page which includes teepees and bell tents. Our members serve couples from across Lincolnshire, making it easier than ever to find your perfect wedding supplier.

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Wedding Tents & Teepees

Wedding marquees, wedding tents or wedding tipis are perfect if you want the great outdoor wedding but do not want to risk our unpredictable UK weather. Marquee weddings are very popular during the spring and summer months when the weather is usually a few degrees warmer. They also make for great additions to themed weddings for example rustic, boho or even festival! 

Your chosen marquee team may need access to your property or chosen venue grounds several days before your wedding, so ensure that youve got all of your plans confirmed well in advance. Marquee wedding receptions give you the best of both worlds; plenty of space and keeping everyone in one place throughout your wedding day. Decorating a wedding marquee or tent is usually much easier to style your own way as they are typically blank canvases. So if youre looking to be really creative, then hiring an outdoor wedding structure might be the way to go.

Those looking to save on the expense of a wedding venue often opt for a more intimate wedding. Outdoor wedding structures can essentially go anywhere, as long as you have permission and space. So if you’re friendly with the local farmer or your relation has a big back garden – this could be the perfect outdoor wedding location and it will certainly be one of a kind!

Lincolnshire Weddings list of outdoor wedding structure suppliers is ever-growing, helping you to select the very best of local vendors to compliment your big day.