New Branding By Amy Bailey Design


As soon as I stumbled across Amy Bailey Design‘s beautiful work, I instantly knew I would turn to her when it became time to rebrand Lincolnshire Weddings. I was immediately drawn to Amy’s artwork and fell in love with her use of watercolour and bespoke floral designs. I wanted my logos to feel extra special just like a wedding blog should be!

As it transpired Amy did more for me than just redesign my logos. She taught me about my style and audience. She made me reflect back to where it all began, what inspired me to create Lincolnshire Weddings and what my aspirations are. Amy’s process was a dream, I felt so comfortable putting my trust in her to help shape the look and feel of my brand.

It’s safe to say, Amy exceeded all my expectations and I am completely blown away. I hope you all love Lincolnshire Weddings new branding as much as I do.




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