Our First Networking Event



Welcome to our first Networking Event. Well, we say Networking Event but what we actually mean is Christmas Party! We are a fun bunch of wedding suppliers and the thought of doing a traditional Networking Event really isn’t our style. However, if you place us in a beautiful setting, turn up the music and supply us with lovely food and drink along with fantastic entertainment, then you’ve got yourself a Lincs Weddings kind of Event!


Our ethos here at Lincs Weddings is ‘together we are better’ nothing showcased that more than our FIRST Networking Event. Every supplier who travelled to be there had one goal, to have a really great time getting to know one another!


Our evening was made extra special by the suppliers who helped organise it. Debbie from Exquisite Style helped Event Plan our evening by liaising with the Millfield Bar and Restaurant. They provided an amazing space for us with plenty of room and our own bar! Debbie also received so many compliments for her styling and beautiful finishing touches, not to mention our party wall backdrop!

Ian from IJR Magic left no one out of his spectacular magic tricks. Furthermore, we knew exactly where he was from all the buzz and applause that surrounded him! Last but not least, I approached Trace from The Chocolat Story to create a personal thank you from me. I asked for something unique with a Christmas touch! It’s safe to say the hot chocolate Christmas baubles went down a treat!


As our Wedding Directory grows, events like this become an exciting opportunity to get to know people within the same industry. I broke the ice with a heartfelt introduction for each supplier, celebrating all of their amazing accomplishments. Followed by our fun secret Santa which showed off everyone’s gifting skills… or stalking skills? Either way, everyone was happy with their thoughtful gifts!

That isolating feeling of being alone in business soon fades away when you are able to put the world to rights! I saw countless friendships being formed face-to-face after months of back and forth in their DMs. The only criticism I had was that the evening went by too fast. I only wished I were able to speak to everyone for longer. That’s whilst being in the know that the clock stroked midnight and the moves were still being swung!


You may be wondering, why is Lisa wearing slippers? Simply, my feet donned a beautiful pair of high heels which didn’t pay any attention to what my brain was asking them to do! So much so, at the end of my speeches, I didn’t keel over once or twice, I just kept going until the wall and dado rail saved me. I like to remain elegant in these types of situations. I think I pulled off an iconic pose whilst sprawled across the wall, flicking my heels off to one side? Luckily, my secret Santa Dawn Kemp Celebrant had a premonition and bought me the world’s comfiest pair of slippers. For this reason, they had to make it into the group photo!


I’d like to finish this blog off with a personal thank you. Last year, I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. Subsequently, I have recently undergone my third major surgery, which will hopefully give me a better quality of life. I planned this event with every intention of being fully healed to have a good boogie with all my wedding family. Sadly, it was just not meant to be. So, to those who were an arm to help me stand, a chair finder for when it was time to rest and a kind voice to let me know I was winging it well, thank you!

To every one of you who continues to put your trust in me to represent your business and help me to still achieve all my dreams even if at times, it means doing things a little differently, I’ll forever be grateful! Lastly, I promise to be boogieing with you all very soon!

Written by Lisa Templeman


We are looking for our next host! If you are in or around the Lincoln area and would like to welcome our wedding suppliers, please email Lisa at lincsweddings@gmail.com. Ideally, we will be on the hunt for a hotel for overnight accommodation.