Getting Married And The Coronavirus




We are undoubtedly in unprecedented times and you may be feeling concerned about the Coronavirus (also known as Covid-19). We wanted to reassure you that our Supplier List members are working hard to help each other and their clients by offering regular updates and following Government Guidelines. However, whilst the overall message is not to panic, it’s hard when you aren’t prepared. How can you prepare when the information on gatherings isn’t clear? 

We have asked Industry experts Charlotte Hay – Owner and Director of Healing Manor,  Brilliant Travel By Tracy Clark and Robyn Wood owner of Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing to give our followers some guidance and it goes without saying, there is no short answer in this ever-evolving situation.




Charlotte Hay – Owner and Director of Healing Manor 

“Whilst we all need to take a few moments just to breath in some fresh air and step away from the mass of ‘information’, mainly peoples own views and opinions which are plastered all over social media right now, we also need to be sensible and start trying to pre-empt what’s going to happen in the next few days and months. 

For couples out there who are set to tie the knot in the upcoming months, I feel your pain! Whilst Steve and I have already done the legalities of our wedding, we’re set to have our wedding party this July, so completely understand everything that must be going through your head as a perspective bride and groom right now.

Whilst we say this to everyone, take the hour by hour and day by day advise regarding health and wellbeing from the government websites, as this is ultimately so much more important than anything else. In regards to your big day, speak to your suppliers who are all going through the same thought process. 

The biggest bit of advice I can give any couple, including myself is to be flexible. If the government do decide to put the country into a lock-down state or ask businesses from certain sectors to close, this is completely out of all of our hands, so just have an open mind, mainly to changing your date. Most if not all suppliers will follow suit. 

Whilst you’ll have terms and conditions in place, businesses such as ours are becoming more flexible when it comes to the dates of celebrations, as we just can pre-empt what the governments next move will be.  

We as a business implemented extreme measures in regards to cleaning methods weeks ago, with hand sanitisers fixed at every entry point to public areas, a change of disinfectants and cleaning products which are ultimately much stronger and have a quicker bacteria kill rate and a strict hygiene and COVID-19 plan relating to both our work family (Team) and customers.”  

Robyn Wood is a Hair Stylist and owner of Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing

“It’s a scary time for everyone at the moment with the spread of coronavirus and when you’ve been planning a wedding for the last 18 months this is the last stress you need! But try not to panic, as hair stylists, we are doing everything we can not only to protect ourselves from getting ill but also protecting our clients and brides. We are taking extra precautions make sure everything is hygienic, like wiping down chairs, sterilising all tools, washing all gowns and capes and using disposable equipment where possible. If your wedding isn’t for a while your stylist may ask you to move your trial to a later date or may even limit the amount of people you can bring to your trial. Check in with your stylist to see if they have made any changes to protect yours and their own health. In the event that your stylist has to self isolate on your wedding day, don’t panic! Most of us have a large support network that we can call on to find a replacement stylist to step in for you. We are all in the same boat and would hate to let a bride down so we are all ready to help each other where we can to make sure you look and feel fabulous on your big day! In the event that your wedding has to be postponed, you will find most stylists will be more than happy to transfer your booking to an alternate date aslong as they are available. Just try not to worry, we are all here for you! Robyn Wood, Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing.” 

Brilliant Travel by Tracy Clark

“It has been a difficult few months in the travel industry. We have seen the collapse of one of the oldest tour operators and an airline. Now there are travel restrictions in place like we have never seen before. Restrictions on travel, cruise ports and airports closed and now almost entire countries on lock down.It is at times like this that people are grateful that they have the support and experience of a travel agent.

This week I have spent my time contacting clients and keeping them up to date with the latest travel advice in relation to their bookings. I have also had calls from people who have booked online and are looking for a friendly person to speak to who can give them advice. 

It is impossible for anyone to say what is going to happen over the next few weeks and months, but I will keep my clients up to date with the latest advice and action any amendments, cancellations and refunds as necessary.

I can promise that by booking with myself Tracy Clark at Brilliant Travel I will offer you full financial and package protection to give you peace of mind that should any changes occur to your travel plans I will be on hand to make the calls necessary so you don’t have to and at no extra cost.

If you book with myself and the foreign office advise against travel you will receive 100% of your money back. If there are any changes I will take care of all of the amendments on your behalf.”  

We hope that you have found this blog post helpful. Before we leave you, we wanted to highlight one simple thing which we feel our followers should be reminded of right now. You are so fortunate to have found your soulmate who you want to spend the rest of your life with, you really are! Celebrate the love you have, whenever and however that may be.  Thank you to all our brides and grooms for supporting Lincolnshire Weddings and our Supplier List members. Click here to view all our Supplier List members. 

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