A Day In The Life Of A Personal Travel Specialist



Welcome to our first A Day In The Life Of blog post. What better way for you to get to know our fantastic team of dedicated Lincolnshire wedding suppliers than to show you a complete behind-the-scenes look into their business? Our team are passionate about turning your wedding dreams into reality. We can’t wait for you to meet Absolute Travel by Tracy Clark who is a Personal Travel Specialist!



Ever wondered what a day in the life of your personal travel specialist is like?

It’s Monday morning and I always like to start my day with a much-needed black coffee before turning on my laptop. A Personal Travel Specialist is not your typical 9-5 job. So, at around 7.30 AM, I will have already checked my emails on my phone and scoured through my suppliers’ Facebook pages for any ‘not to be missed’ offers that I need to share. No one day is ever the same and although I try to have a plan, you never know what might come up each day!



So, to work it is for me! First on my agenda is to check if any clients are travelling today and make sure their flights are all on time or have left ok. Once I know my clients are all on their way to their sunny destinations I can get on with the day ahead.

Next up, I will look to see which of my clients are travelling soon. I make sure they have everything they need, tickets etc and do a final check of all their travel arrangements ensuring they are spot on. Although, this will have been checked 10 times already as you can never check enough! I also like to email the hotels directly with any special requests and ask them nicely to see if they can do anything special to ensure my clients have a great holiday. It’s always worth asking and if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Lastly, I will email these clients to ask if they have any questions to make sure they are happy and of course, to wish them a great holiday. I am always on hand to answer any questions for my clients, I’m here every step of the way to ensure that all of their travel plans run smoothly.

Personal Travel Specialist


Once I am happy that all my booked clients are being looked after, it’s now on to my new clients. I often arrange calls with couples looking to book their honeymoon in the evening. This is so we can have a relaxed in-depth conversation about what they are looking for.

So, this morning I have 3 lovely new honeymoon enquiries from a weekend of calls! They range from a romantic trip to the Maldives, a breathtaking safari and a trip to Bali (I love Bali as this is where I went on my honeymoon 4 years ago). I also have an enquiry from a lovely couple who want to get married in Italy. That being said, I have a busy few days ahead of me researching hotels and flights as well as talking to my suppliers so I can put together some initial ideas. I love nothing more than planning exciting honeymoons!

The Italian wedding will be a joy to work on! Firstly, I will put together a list of wedding venues to help narrow down the location. Before moving on to the reception venue and researching hotels close by for accommodation. This will involve lots of emails going back and forth and calls between myself and the happy couple. I will be there every step of the way to make getting married abroad stress-free leaving you to enjoy the planning process.

All of these enquiries may take several days or even weeks of planning and tweaking until we get it perfect. In between taking calls and answering emails from new and ongoing enquiries, my day is non-stop. The thing is, you never know what the next call might bring. It could be an urgent holiday request or an amendment on an existing booking that needs dealing with straight away. It may even be a client who is abroad and needs my assistance. The best calls are from my clients telling me how wonderful their latest trip was and who already want to book their next adventure!

Personal Travel Specialist


2 pm and I have a Training Webinar on some new hotels that are due to open next year, which is very exciting! There’s just enough time to make a brew before logging on to hear all about the new hotels and destinations. The world of travel never sits still and it’s my job to ensure I am up to date on what’s new which includes any new offers. This makes sure that I am in the best position to advise my clients on their next holiday. The webinar ends with a quick quiz on what we’ve learnt – then it’s back to work!

My social media content is ongoing throughout the day, sourcing the next best offers and planning them on my socials. It may surprise my family to learn that I’m never just looking at my phone. In fact, I’m busy finding the best holiday inspiration and offers so I can share them with you! This continues into most evenings as I am always monitoring my phone for emails, offers and ideas to share. Do I ever stop, you ask? Yes, when I sleep!

Personal Travel Specialist


The last thing I do at night is one final check of my emails. Don’t be surprised if you email me at 10 PM with a quick question and you receive a reply that same evening. It’s all a part of the job which I love and a part of the personal service I give to my clients. The clue’s in the name “Your personal travel specialist”.

If you are looking to book your dream honeymoon, wedding, holiday, hen or stag weekend then get in touch and let me take the stress away. No waiting in a queue to get through on the phone and what’s more, I will find you the best prices! You don’t pay any extra for my personal one-to-one service. I will be here every step of the way to ensure all your travel plans run smoothly.

Email, telephone or message me to arrange your next dream trip today! Not ready to start your journey just yet? Then follow my page to keep an eye out for all those upcoming exciting offers.